Extend The Love Of Christ Together

Jesus commissioned his disciples to “go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” (Mathew 28:19).
Some of us are called to be missionaries in the culture and generation we live in, while others are called to a mission field even farther away. 

Local Missions

Creighton Community Foundation 

Our church partners with Creighton Community Foundation in Phoenix, a faith-based non-profit that supports the communities within its east central Phoenix boundaries. We labor to bring resources to bear upon life needs and whole person development of people and children within some of the poorest neighborhoods in urban Phoenix. We’re in the business of building partnerships that will transform collections of houses into vibrant neighborhoods of hope and opportunity. 

Hope Women's Center

Our church partners with Hope Women’s Center in Phoenix, a Christian ministry which seeks to equip mothers and families through providing parenting and life skills education, spiritual guidance, mentoring, and resources to help them make wise decisions for the future. Additionally, we support the center’s Hope Boutique each Christmas through the Stars of Hope Tree, purchasing needed items listed on each star. 

Osborn Health and Rehab

God is at work in the lives of the residents, their families, and the staff at Osborn Health and Rehab in Scottsdale. Our ministry provides semi-monthly worship services, one-on-one time and special events (i.e. music, games and dance performances) to residents. Volunteers are needed, including youth, community groups, and those with special musical or creative talents. Experience God’s movement in the hearts of these people. The worship service is held on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, at 2:15 PM in the Grand Room at 3333 N. Civic Center Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85251. Each Christmas, we work together to create a special Christmas celebration for the residents. 

Global Missions

We are called to serve in our world as Christ served in his. Some members of our family spread the love of Jesus while actively serving in other countries. Others are an essential part of supporting outreach abroad while working from bases in our own country. Many others of us are engaged in the financial and prayer support of these members of our extended family, or reaching out to groups of people near their own homes.

Isaias & Virginia Colop-Xec

Our mission statement – To strengthen the leadership of the Kiche church by training its leaders in the Word of God in their own language. Isaias and “Ginny” have been serving among the two million Kiche people of Guatemala in the western highlands of Guatemala for the last 33 years. Isaias is a native Maya-Kiche Indian born and raised in a poor rural village in Guatemala. God redirected him to Dallas Theological Seminary where he learned that what his people needed was the Word of God, not linguistics.  In 1985, he graduated from Dallas Seminary with two M.A. degrees, in Biblical Studies and Christian Education. Isaias met his wife, Ginny, while studying linguistics at the Summer Institute of Linguistics in Norman, Oklahoma. When Ginny returned from West Africa in 1986, where she had been serving as a literacy worker with Wycliffe Bible Translators. They have two adult children.  Annie, is married and has two daughters and a son. She and her artist husband, Jeremy, live in New Mexico. Isaias and Ginny’s son David is replacing them in Guatemala as they retire.

email: colopshep@gmail.com

François & Nathalie Turcotte

Our mission statement – For the Church, through the Church, in the Church: Helping local Churches to train their workers. Missionaries in Québec are serving specifically our 79 Baptist Churches but we are also partnering with other Churches who are using our services. Because each trained worker allows a Church to advance and preach the Gospel. Our mission field is mainly Quebec with its 8 million people.  SEMBEQ offers holistic training that develops skills, knowledge and character. Character development is integrated into all of our programs to ensure that all of our leaders become spiritually mature, are able to train others in the same way and lead spiritually mature churches.

email: f.turcotte@sembeq.qc.ca

Kurt & Susie Richardson

Our mission statement – Turning lost students into Christ- centered laborers. In 2006, the Richardsons left the AZ desert for Boston, Massachusetts, drawn to the mission of proclaiming the gospel in word and deed in the American Northeast, the most leveraged collegiate real estate in the world, with 45 colleges and universities in the Boston metro area alone. Kurt had been a member of Camelback since 1980. Five years later Susie joined
Kurt and CBC. They served as the Campus Crusade directors at Arizona State, Kurt served two terms on the CBC Elder Board, and their three children were born during their time in Tempe. After 21 years at ASU, Kurt transferred to Phoenix-based Harvest. Kurt recently accepted a new position as the International Missions Director for AIA (Athletes in Action, Cru’s ministry to athletes), mobilizing young women and men to spread the gospel through the medium of sports. Susie serves with Cru’s National Campus Communications Team, helping to ensure “clear, cohesive communication so that staff are more effective in
reaching students for Christ.

email: kurt.richardson@cru.org

Jonathan & Elena Banegas

Our mission statement – To creatively develop incarnational relationships with non-churched teens, earning the right to be heard. We recruit and train key leaders, partnering with local churches, developing innovative ideas and strategies and trusting in the Lord for His blessing, provision and guidance. As the Spain country director, I supervise 4 main provinces in Spain (Catalonia, Madrid, Basque Country and Andalucía), 11 staff people leading their own areas with a total of 50-75 volunteer leaders that are reaching over 600 kids during the year. And we do that by going to the high schools or wherever kids are to do contact work, bring them to our YL Clubs in each area, take them to the different camps we organize during the year and involve them in discipleship programs so they can finally get connected with a local church, hopefully the same one as his/her YL Leader.
We have three daughters, Judith, Noemi and Lidia. Judith and Noemi are already married and have a son and a daughter, so we are also grandparents! We’ve been supported by CBC since December 1994 and we cannot be more thankful for your faithful support, encouragement and friendship over these years.

email: jbanegas@younglife.org

Global Missions

We are called to serve in our world as Christ served in his. Some members of our family spread the love of Jesus while actively serving in other countries. Others are an essential part of supporting outreach abroad while working from bases in our own country. Many others of us are engaged in the financial and prayer support of these members of our extended family, or reaching out to groups of people near their own homes.

Marie Blanchard

My mission statement – Equipping and inspiring students and teachers to make an impact for Christ while also reaching out to those around me with the Gospel message.
I am a missionary-teacher who is teaching Missionary Kids (MKs) at Evangelical Christian Academy near Madrid, in Camarma.  I live in Spain as a TEAM missionary, which is a mission alliance whose purpose is to help churches send missionaries to establish reproducing churches among the nations to the Glory of God. I have been serving in Spain since 2007. I love working with the students and have taught many subjects, from French to middle school Math to Art and Personal finance. Four years ago, I joined the administrative team and now serve as director.
We support pastors and other missionaries serving on the front lines in Spain.

email: marieasu@yahoo.com

Pavel & Jane Sinko

Our mission statement – To connect Christians in effective
evangelization, discipleship and community development, winning men, women and children to Jesus Christ to the glory of God.
Pavel Sinko was born into a Christian family and received Christ as his Saviorin 1979. After graduating from college in 1986 with a degree in electricalengineering, Pavel worked as a company manager until the end of 1992.Since January 1993, Pavel has served in full-time evangelistic ministry. Paveland his wife Jane were married November 20, 1993. They have three children: David, Eunice, and Ester. Since April 2022 Eunice has been married to JonSavage from CBC.  Pavel serves as Executive Director of International NeedsSlovakia. He is responsible for all areas of the Slovakia ministry, including youth evangelism, summer English camps, and the ministries to children, youth, women, and families at the Community Center 3Pe in Lucenec. International Needs also runs a Christian Conference and Retreat Center in. Rackova Dolina, publishes Our Daily Bread in the Slovak language, and supports over 160 children in Uganda. Pavel is personally involved in the ministry among Roma (Gypsies) in Cinobana and Detva and to Ukrainian refugees. Ministries include Church Planting and Evangelism, English Camps, Ministry to Gypsies, Community Programs, and Christian Conference and Retreat Center

email: innetwork.sk@gmail.com

Buingo & Esther Mateene

Our mission statement – Equipping church leaders for societal transformation with holistic discipleship leadership.
Buingo was born and reared in the eastern part of DRC, and left during the war. He was educated in Belgium, reared his family there, and then returned to DRC in the early 2000s. He and his wife, Esther, live in Kinshasa, a city of 12 million people. There they have worked bringing the love of Christ to this large and needy city. The ministry also reaches the remote villages where there is physical and spiritual need. Harvest Foundation serves with nationals around the world who are best equipped to relate to and encourage those of their own ethnicity and culture. The major vehicle and training is called “Samaritan Strategy”, which is a proven way to reach unreached people with the love of Jesus.

email: matbuingo@rocketmail.com

Simon Nziramakenga

Our mission statement – To serve the community, drawing people to Christ as a way of life that builds them up to be sent out and win others to Christ. Simon lost 25 family members and Simon’s wife, Kedress, lost over 75 to genocide in the early 90’s. Kedress died in 2015. Simon’s family lived in Kenya as refugees for 34 years and all his children were born there.  Good Shepherd Community Church is the church in Kigali that Camelback Bible Church helped build. It is a place of amazing reconciliation and now Hutus and Tutsis worship together there. It is only by God’s grace that this is possible. Simon serves with Harvest Foundation which emphasizes wholistic ministry, doing the will of God in all areas of society and in our personal lives. It has been bananas and pumpkins from Simon’s own yard that have been able to feed some of the desperate people.  Church planting has been another part of his ministry. There have been 20 churches planted. Some of these have been destroyed by terrible rains. Some churches were closed by the government for not meeting standards. Rebuilding has been happening.

email: skenga@gmail.com

Global Missions

We are called to serve in our world as Christ served in his. Some members of our family spread the love of Jesus while actively serving in other countries. Others are an essential part of supporting outreach abroad while working from bases in our own country. Many others of us are engaged in the financial and prayer support of these members of our extended family, or reaching out to groups of people near their own homes.

Marlon & Yoyit Roldan

Our mission statement – To make Christ known and facilitate house church multiplication among the poor and marginalized, and to provide counseling and pastoral care to frontline missionaries in Muslim areas in SE Asia.
Marlon is experienced in encouraging and equipping people for wholistic ministry among unreached people groups in the Philippines and East Asia. Marlon works with the urban poor through training, evangelizing, mobilizing, and encouraging them to use their own resources.
The Missional Business Center is a spinoff of 13 years service with OMF in the Philippines. Marlon is still very active in this, serving as Corporate Secretary of Missional Business Center Inc. providing training in Business Plans preparation and facilitating Mentoring Coaching of new businesses especially among the poor marginalized sector both in urban and rural settings. The vision of Missional Business Center is a world where all people exercise their God-given potential and have the power to create opportunity for themselves and others, to cure poverty through enterprise and freedom. Empowering and transforming people from the slums through small business training and coaching.

email: sparrow.roldan@gmail.com

Craig & Ruth Goodman

Our mission statement – Serving together to bring help, hope and healing through aviation and to see isolated people changed by the love of Christ.
Craig and Ruth Goodman are missionaries with Mission Aviation Fellowship serving at the U.S. Headquarters in Nampa, Idaho. Craig, a maintenance specialist, is the Aircraft Helpdesk Supervisor. His primary responsibility is to supervise and coordinate support for MAF aircraft maintenance in overseas locations. Among other things this involves fielding and acting on aircraft related support requests, making sure all field programs have the most current manuals and service documents, ensuring maintenance standards are understood, making sure the world wide aircraft maintenance tracking program is up to date and functioning properly, coordinating turbine engine overhauls, and evaluating turbine aircraft maintenance procedures. Craig shares, “Even though I sometimes miss being in Indonesia, from headquarters I can have an even broader influence on the operations and safety of our aircraft fleet.”

email:  rgoodman@maf.org

Doug & Marina Landro

Doug & Marina have been serving in Ukraine with One Collective
since 1997 in a wholistic ministry of community transformation in the city of Uzhgorod.  Their mission is to “bring people together to help the oppressed” both physically and spiritually.  Towards that end, they have brought together nearly 40 churches and organizations to bring about community transformation.  Marina now leads the Transform Uzhgorod Alliance as the catalyst for One Collective.  She leads four of the Alliance project groups – Rroma Ministries, Children At Risk, University Student Outreach, and Internally Displaced People (IDPs).  The passion of their
ministry is “no one is invisible, and everyone has access to food (physical needs), freedom (social needs), and forgiveness (spiritual needs).  As part of their University Student Outreach, they are planting an international church to reach Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhist students in the national university.  And they are planting a church with Alliance members in the unreached community of Velyki Lazy (Great Meadow).  Doug serves as the Ukraine director who is focused on building other community transformation alliances and coaching churches in youth ministry throughout Ukraine.

email: doug.landro@onecollective.org

Bob & Judy Moffitt

Our mission statement – Discipling church leaders to disciple their people to be Jesus’ hands and feet in their communities, by sharing models, coaching and with accountability. Bob and Judy Moffitt have been serving internationally for many years. Both of them were reared in pastor’s homes, which has given them a foundation for vision in ministry.  Bob founded Harvest Foundation in 1981 with the vision of discipling churches to disciple their members to proclaim God’s love in practical demonstrations of sacrificial service.  He teaches, coaches, and mentors internationally. He has authored books on wholistic ministry, including “If Jesus Were Mayor”, “The First Thirty-Two Years”, and “Evangelism Without Discipleship”.  Harvest now has more than two hundred trainers who are discipling local churches in over twenty countries.

email: bmoffitt@harvestfoundation.org

Global Missions

We are called to serve in our world as Christ served in his. Some members of our family spread the love of Jesus while actively serving in other countries. Others are an essential part of supporting outreach abroad while working from bases in our own country. Many others of us are engaged in the financial and prayer support of these members of our extended family, or reaching out to groups of people near their own homes.

Cleiton & Elly Oliveira

Our mission statement – To envision and equip the church to reflect Jesus, the Chief Servant.
We have been CBC missionaries since 2001. But it was in the late 80’s, after reading the book “Perspectives on the World Missions Movement”, that the Lord led us to a significant turn in our careers to be better equipped for mission work.  We quit our jobs in Brazil, where Cleiton was a university professor and Elly was a dentist, and pursued graduate degrees in the USA. Cleiton went to Fuller Theological Seminary where he graduated with an M.A. in Intercultural Studies, and Elly graduated with an M.A. in International Public Health from Loma Linda University. We worked with church planting in Brazil until 2007, when together, the CBC missions committee and Harvest Foundation blessed a transition to base our ministry in the USA.  The purpose of this transition was to serve in a strategic level at Harvest, working with leadership development in three levels: (1) globally, with the Harvest team currently working in 27 countries; (2) in Brazil, with the national team in 6 states; and (3) in Phoenix, training leaders for two church planting projects among Latinos. The work in those three levels is possible because they converge to the same focus, based on the calling of Jesus, when he said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” (Matthew 28.18-20) Our focus is to make disciples of all nations where the Lord assigns us a task.  By developing leaders who grow like Jesus and lead like Jesus, we have seen people confessing Jesus as Lord and Savior, churches planted, churches renewed, the Kingdom of God expanded, and increased unity in the body of Christ. To God all the glory.

email:  cleiton1400@gmail.com
email: eoliveira@harvestfoundation.org  

John & Juli

Our mission statement – To provide dynamic education, formal and informal to children, adults, through community programs and training, mentoring and discipleship, maturing their faith and developing their gifts to empower unity in building the Kingdom. John and Juli have served an unreached people group for 20 years in a country in Asia that is closed for missionaries. They are focusing on helping poor communities through education, and have launched a community center that includes a small school called Cornerstone Homestyle Education. This school provides bilingual education using home-schooling techniques blended with Asian culture, and includes classes for special-needs children. The school has become an umbrella for activities such as an after-school ministry, a women’s sewing and economics program, training the local teachers and community health workers, libraries in homes, and community development. The school gives legitimacy and structure to the couple’s many other ministries. “We see this school as an octopus with the school at the center and the arms reaching out into the communities and villages outside the city to accomplish the many programs and ministries. Our desire is that small groups will form and multiply naturally. We believe that God is bringing a huge harvest to this nation. Please join us in praying for and reaching out to those who have never heard about the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”